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Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Message from President Mary J.C. Hendrix

Welcome to Shepherd University’s webpage dedicated to providing timely updates on our strategic plan implementation. We are in an era of historic change in higher education and with that change comes unparalleled opportunities. Our number one goal is to attain financial stability to provide a world-class liberal arts education for the next generation of professional leaders and model citizens, and to serve as an educational resource for the community.

My charge to the Strategic Planning Committee was to create a five-year strategic plan that would inform campus decision-making and fundraising priorities, resulting in a strong financial position. The plan also serves as a strategic roadmap with implementation guidelines. Now that the Strategic Plan has been formally approved by the Shepherd University Board of Governors, implementation teams are in the process of ensuring that the four goals and related strategies will be fulfilled within the defined timeframe. Thank you for being part of Shepherd and believing in the possibilities that will shape our future. Together, we can address our challenges and maybe have a little fun along the way!

With best wishes and great expectations,
Mary J.C. Hendrix

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018-2023

The Charge

The Office of the President charged the Strategic Planning Committee to create a five-year (2018-2023) strategic plan that will inform campus decision-making and fundraising priorities and define strategic priorities resulting in a strong financial position. The plan will also serve as a strategic roadmap with implementation guidelines.

The Process

The strategic planning committee served as a forward-thinking, solutions-oriented group charged with developing and delivering a draft strategic plan to the Office of the President. The committee began meeting in November 2016, focusing on wrapping-up the former strategic plan and starting work on the new plan. The committee and work concluded with delivery of a draft strategic plan to the President in December 2017. A final draft was submitted to the Board of Governors for review and final approval in March 2018.

Milestones and Deliverables

Milestone Delivery
Strategic Priorities Draft October 2017
Campus Community Feedback Survey #1 November 2017
Strategic Plan Draft #1 November 2017
Campus Community Feedback Survey #2 December 2017
Strategic Plan Draft #2 December 2017
Draft Plan Delivered to President December 2017
Plan Approved by the Board of Governors March 2018
Implementation Teams Formed April 2018
Strategic Plan Implementation Kick-off June 2018


Shepherd University’s strategic plan is just the starting point. Reaching and exceeding our strategic goals will hinge on full participation from stakeholders across the campus community and our strategic partners. The next three steps, as we move from the planning phase to the action phase, are implementation, measures and metrics, and outcome assessment:

Information will be shared publicly throughout the lifecycle with the campus community and may be tracked via this website.